1/18ビーフウエリントン講習会・Cooking demo for Beef Wellington on Jan 18


I demonstarted Beef Wellington. With filling ofTianjin chestnut, pine nuts , chopped onion and mushrooms etc, the dish is really tasty.Roasted vegetables is a quick recipe, only 5 minutes cooking time. I showed tips to shorten cooking time.
Everyone is pleased to learn elaborate dish and easy cooking. Later we had a chat over a cup of tea.


コテージパイとホットサラダ Cottage Pie and Steamed vegetables


I baked cottage pie flavored with a bit high-quality wine I bought for Christmas and cooked steamed vegetables as a its side dish.
The cottage pie recipe comes from my British friend. The hot salad is the dish served by B&B owners in Yorkshire England.
The salad reminds me of fond memory about precious food experience.
My family enjoyed them. These handmade pie and salad warmed ourselves up on the cold day.

ローストベジタブル・Roast vegetables



I found marinated colourful vegetables in a foil container at a butcher in England. I asked my friend what it is. It’s Mediterrenian vegetables, veges marinated in olieve oil and herbs. The method is easy to cook: just bake them in the oven. You can roast them in the 180 degrees preheated oven for 20 mins but I made a quick recipe. With a grill, just roast them in the grill for 5 mins. I will show you the tip next time. So please join us.

クリスマスパーティー・Christmas Party


まずはイギリス雑貨を景品にゲーム。円になって座り、音楽Wish you a merry christmas にのせて、雑貨を隣の人に回していく。


チコリにのせたスモークサバのディップ、マヨネーズを使わないハムサンドイッチ、ラフランスのチョコレートケーキ カスタード添え、ビクトリアスポンジと一緒にアフタヌーンティー。カスタードはできたてで、あったかいさらっとしたソース。イギリス菓子にはよく添えられるソースを体験♪




Christmas party took place at studio Iemaru in Wakayama.
First we enjoyed a game. Seated in round and handed over small gifts from England to a lady next to each perticipant to music “Wish you a merry christmas”.Once the music stopped , the game was over. The item you had is yours at the end of the music. Some ladies appeared to wish to play once more.
Then we decolated cupcakes with holly leaves sugar decoration. Everyones cake were lovely.
And we had a chat over cup of tea .We had smoked-merkerel dip,ham sandwitch with no mayo, chocolate dessert cake with custard and victoria sponge. Custard is common source for british sweets and not too sweet. It’s british way to pour the warm source over sweets on cold days. We tried it .
During the tea time,I talked about cannals , narrow boats , water in England and gardens showing photos.
In the end,everyone put their cupcake into a small bag and tied it with red ribbon. I gave the christmas cake matured for two months to them as souveniors.
British sweets, conversation, festive atmosphere. Everyone smiled to know Great Britain a bit , the country all members wish to visit someday.

料理教室の感想・Feedback about cooking demos  



I made Beef and barley soup,Smoked salmon parcel,Potato salad and Welsh apple pudding at Studio Iemaru.
Participants who’ve attended Chineses, Bread and Confectionary cooking demos at the cooking studio came to take part in British home cooking.
One of main points was a way to boil potatos. I showed how potato are tasty after covering them with cloth after the cooking.

They said all dishes were delicious and they liked the dishes.
A woman who participated in the Oct class said my mushroom soup was delicious and then she made it six times.
I was glad she liked the soup.

蒸すってすごい・Steaming is great





To make delicious tea, one put tea leaves and pour hot water. Next lid the pot to steam.
British cooking celebrity Delia Smith says when potatoes are steamed , they are very delicious.
She says when the pot is lid on, the steam circulates and its rich taste is concentrated.
So I gave it a try.

The steamed potatoes texture was smooth and poudary. They were truly delicious , I sprinkled a little salt on them though.

Just peel potatoes and steam them for about 20 mins. Please try!

10/4料理教室の様子・ A cooking demo on 4 OCT




Today’s demo’s theme is British dishes used vegetables and fruits in season.;Pork, apple and cider casserole, Mushroom soup , Sweet potato flavored with Honey mustard and Carrot cake.

I had a lady who atteded my demo for the first time. This demo was lively as participants asked me questions.
ex. Don’t you remove mushroom stems? The answer is No. It is edible.

During the lunch time, I asked them to introduce themselves. ex. I’ve been teaching tea.
Everyone has curiosity so they ‘ve been learning many things like Chinese medicine cuisine etc.
This class was lively with a cozy ambience by exchanging local information each other.